Friday, January 12, 2007

Pattern heaven

I've loved patterns from an early age. Mum would by those mathematic pattern books that were big in the 70's (I've since discovered the science museum still makes them) and I would sit and colour them in for hours and hours - clever mum, anything to get me from under her feet! At college I even considered textile and fashion as a career path but my other love of books and lettering won over and I chose graphic design and illustration instead. I still bought a load of pattern source books which have proved useful here and there but now that I have finally figured out how to create patterns on my computer they are coming into their own and are the main source of inspiration for my new wedding designs. No more being at the mercy of suppliers who decide to stop stocking a line of paper half way through an order and I can guarantee mine are 100% original! By the way did I tell you I was a contol freak?

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suzie q said...

LoL! :) Sounds very clever & sensible to me, Karen, making your own. Not all that easy, either, though you make it seem so.
I used to love those colouring in pattern books, too, and you can still get them in our branch of Woollies! My son spent many a happy hour with one of those pads and a stack of felt pens, too. Happy Days!:)
Congrats on the new designs, Karen, they are stunning and you should be proud of yourself.
Suze x