Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Art Everyday Month

Like I haven't got enough to do already but I've decided to join Art Everyday Month. I do usually attempt to create something or other everyday but either don't get it finished or don't necessarily blog about it. So the next month may be a lot of fun or completely stressful and I wish I hadn't bothered or as dull as dishwater. I'm a little late starting as I only found out about it yesterday, my painting Smoke being the first candidate. Today's efforts are the christmas decs and danglies I've been making that are soon to go on etsy or ebay. Photographing them though is proving difficult as my house is very dark and some of the lightcatchers are a metre long. I did capture the above image and am playing around with it for a christmas card design.


Suzie Q said...

I love these stars, Karen, and am so glad to see that you're in on AEM, too! What have we let ourselves in for?! ;) I've managed something every day for a week so far, and just hope I can keep up the momentum! It's a great challenge and you are doing so well, preparing for Christmas already! Lovely! :)

Sue x

Leah said...

those stars are so cool!! what are they made of?

Kala said...

These are glass, I've recycled them from something else, when I can photograph them properly you can see whats hanging above them too!

Tinder said...

V pretty... :)