Wednesday, November 08, 2006

AEM DAY 8 (minus the 5 I've missed!)

Today has been a sorting out kind of day today, my card/wedding shop was finished last week and I've been sorting through boxes of stuff and trying to photograph everything I have for this site as well as ebay, etsy, and my main portfolio website. I did manage to create a new header for my blog this morning before I got started (as regulars will have noticed I hope!) which was inspired by the new look for my portfolio site I created late last night. I am itching to do another painting (already got the title in my head) but I must finish the more practical stuff first!

Go to Art Everyday Month for more participants.


Suzie Q said...

Love the new banner, Karen! Very sophisticated air about it..
Can't wait to see what you're itching to get done, and I'm still waiting for 'Breathe' to appear somewhere.. have I missed it?
Love the fireworks, too! Looks like the boys thoroughly enjoy their Art lessons! :)

Have a great day (hope you've got the beautiful sunshine down your way, too)!

Sue x

Kala said...

Thanks, it's beautiful weather here too. No you haven't missed 'Breathe', it's on it's way! best wishes, Karen x