Monday, November 27, 2006


Got my gel medium today so had another go at this canvas. I added image transfers of one of my own photos along the bottom - you can just about make out the arches. There was also a tree but it made the whole thing feel bitty and too green so I've painted it back out. I've redone the face but it came out too pale and I added some writing but I didn't like that either. It actually doesn't look too bad in the photo, the real one is dark and rough and gloomy. I'm not very good at gloomy. My instincts are telling me to give up and paint over the lot and start again but another little voice is telling me to hang on a while longer. I know what the problem is too. I want to paint the face myself, I'm reluctant to rely too much on the transfer technique as useful as it is, but the last time I tried something like this it came out really childish. I need to grit my teeth, face my fears and just have a go. Then I can paint over it if it doesn't work out, right?

On a lighter note I pick up these pretty indian papers in the art shop, they are so sparkly and light, perfect for christmas bits and bobs. So inbetween stressing with the canvas I was playing around with these and started 4 large tags and an illustration (pic to come) so I had quite a productive day in the end. Looking forward to tomorrow!


tammy vitale said...

Wow - I'll say productive!

I also agree that you should grit your teeth and hang in there on your painting (can you tell me more about gel medium?)...I think something quite wonderful is emerging. But then, I like dark - that way I know all the secrets....

sage said...

your ability to let us in to your intimate world of creating, and allow us to see your most private moments, is amazing...I think the first piece has lots of room to grow; I know you will take it far.

I also love the papers you've included, so pretty, just waiting to be transformed into something divine!

You won't let us down, keep on, keepin' on! Brava!

You are inspiring...

natural attrill said...

Oh yes have another go! or at least leave it and look at it again another time when you might see it with 'new eyes'. I like 'gloomy' - I also like your little tags, they are very pretty.


Anonymous said...

I think it's beautiful, Karen! The colours, the swirls, the writing and the's whispering...give yourself time, it'll come to you. No rush, and you have those beautiful papers to play with while you're waiting! Heaven! :)
Excellent day you had. Looking forward to the illustration and love those tags. Thanks for getting it together to blog about it, too! ;) Long may you remain happy & constructive!
Your frazzled fellow blogger,
Suze xXx