Friday, November 10, 2006


More christmassy things for the website, this time a beaded snowflake and a red star. These are quite big (between 4 and 5 inches diameter) and are gorgeous hung in the window. £8 each or £12 with added beads and mirrors on the line they hang from. The website itself will be open soon, busy busy busy!

Have also updated my portfolio site, if you look on the fine art page you will see a few paintings and collages for sale. Sorry about the sales pitch, normal service will resume shortly.


Leah said...

Ooo la la! i love that top ornament. it's a beauty!

Suzie Q said...

Karen, these are beautiful! You are so multi-skilled! Absolutely gorgeous. Go ahead & pitch all you like ~ I hope you get plenty of sales. :)

Suze x

natural attrill said...

These are very pretty, what's in the middle, a bead or button? Hope you sell lots this Christmas time.

Anonymous said...

i'd be delighted to add you to my links! thanks for adding me to yours. love the snowflakes, although i'm ignoring christmas so far!

Kala said...

Penny it is a glass donut bead, usually used as pendants but great for these too!

s@bd said...

so, SO beautiful!