Monday, October 30, 2006

Flying by

That's another half term been and gone, too quick as always but I feel rested and spurred on after my spell in the doldrums. Autumn, like Spring, seems to refresh me and I enjoy the change in the weather and the smells and the colours that come with it, and the promise of Christmas just around the corner. This usually starts in September when school goes back, there's that familiar chill in the air and a sense of nostalgia from when I was a child. But it was late this year with the milder weather and I have been unsettled and lost my way somewhere. But everything seem to snap back into place last week, all of us were home at the same time for a whole 7 days (a rare occurrence) and we made a conscious decision to do as little as possible and just enjoy being a family. We did visit friends in Ely (where the photo is from) and grandma and grandad made a surprise trip up to see us and I tried to make the effort to spend quality time with Kamal. As adorable as Anya is she takes up so much time and attention and I have to remember that Kamal is used to having me all to himself and needs me too. He's going to be 8 at Christmas so not much time left before he disappears into his bedroom and never comes out!

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Suzie Q said...

Hi Karen :) I'm looking for that 'Breathe' painting! ;)
Glad you had a good half-term. Suddenly it's dark in the afternoon - I don't like it :(

Your photo's are gorgeous, as are your children! Beautiful post, thanks for sharing...

Suze xXx