Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Busy busy

Sorry if I've been a bit quiet lately, I got hit by a virus last week that laid me up for 2 days, which in a strange way did me some good (not working for 2 days that is, not being ill) as I spent it reading magazines and doodling and lots of other stuff that I have been meaning to do for ages. I'm not really the lying in bed type so this for me was a badly needed rest, mentally and physically. I've been trying to work out which direction I am going in, things have been getting really muddled again, too many ideas and not enough focus. So focus is what I am trying to do. I know I need to draw more and use collage in a more unique way and develop my own personal style so I have got my sketch book out again and I'm doodling. Trying to get the brain stimulated. Stop being afraid of my own crapness. And yesterday, thanks to my other half being home this week (it's half term so we are all home together!) he took the kids out of my hair for the morning so I could actually concentrate without any interruptions, time like that is rare these days. I've been wanting to work on textures and patterns for collage backgounds for a while now and spent sometime yesterday working out how to do it on PS but realised it was a bit flat for the look I wanted so got the paints out and messed around on paper instead. I think a combination of the 2 techniques is where I'm heading. It'll be interesting to see where I end up with this, I'm not really sure myself!


Suzie Q said...

Wow, Karen! I hope you're feeling much better now, but what a creative time that was for you! It takes some getting used to having that real quiet time to yourself when you don't get much of it, but my goodness you made it worthwhile! I love what you've been doing, and was attracted to the butterfly pieces straight away. Absolutely gorgeous!
I look forward to seeing where you go from here...

Take Care & Keep well :)

Q x

natural attrill said...

As soon as I clicked on your blog I went 'ooooh'!! these are lovely, I especially like the top right white squares.

Pretty Lady said...

I hope you are feeking better but it seems that you really kind of enjoy being in bed. Good for you! I love the project World in a box, I will show it to my daughter and try to do with her. Thank you for the idea.