Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Artist at work

We let Anya loose with a paint brush last night and I got it all on tape! I tried to embed the video from youtube into this post but it's not working so if you want to see it please click the link instead -


natural attrill said...

That was good, seeing Anya paint, towards the end I kept wanting to say 'stop', dont do anymore, it looks great how it is!
Her Dad has a familiar voice, I wonder if he grew up in North London/Herfordshire perhaps, where I come from?

Kala said...

I know, I wanted to do the same but she knows her own mind and will do exactly what she wants! The accent is a Cambridge one, so not far off!

natural attrill said...

Thats good to hear, a creative and forceful spirit! I really have to try hard to keep quiet with my creative 'advice' for Toby, poor kid, I do try, but I dont always manage, and thankfully he feels able to tell me to go away!

Funny thing accents, I am always drawn to those that sound like home, where I grew up I mean.


Suzie Q said...

Wonderful idea, Karen! So lovely to see Anya at work! (I so miss those days with my boy) You have your hands full there, she certainly knows her own mind already, eh? Beautiful! :)