Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Escape to the country

Well I said there was change in the air, but what I wasn't expecting was for the computer to pack up! I was in an absolute spin last Thursday but we decided to run away from everything and take a long weekend in gloucestershire. The photo here was taken on top of the Malvern Hills and really doesn't do it justice. It was nice to be as far away from technology as you can be, feel the wind through your hair and realise that there is a world out there. I rely on this damn machine far too much, but it is a necessary evil whilst I continue to make a living from it. Having said that in the few days I've not had it switched on I'm amazed at just how much I've got done as I'm not constantly checking emails or blogs to see if there is anything new. I think I've acquired a rather unhealthy addiction that needs breaking and this just might be the time to do it!

On a more positive note it looks like I will be helping with a craft group that a local village is setting up for the kids, once a month over the winter. It's voluntary but it sounds like a lot of fun (especially the christmas one) and good for the old C.V. I've got a couple of other things in the pipeline but nothing confirmed as yet so best keep quiet for now. I've also joined the Art and Craft Co-operative blog (come and join, it's a great site but still needs a few more members) and I've a pile of artwork waiting to be finished so lots to keep me busy until the computer is back to full health.


Suzie Q said...

Great post, Karen - I was wondering where you'd got to! I share your addiction, it's terrible, isn't it?

We had a power cut here a few nights ago and the difference it made was unreal! It was so refreshing to hear the silence and write instead of type! ;) We've decided that we'll make it a once a week thing in our house - no tv, computer, etc - just us! Lovely! :)

I love your photo - I live about 20 miles away from Malvern and don't go there anywhere near enough. It's a beautiful place.

Good Luck with your 'pipeline' projects, and with breaking that nasty addiction! ;)


Dickens said...

Hi there! My mommy Neasa wants me to ask you if you've changed your comment preferences to Blogger only - she's tried to comment a few times but the box won't accept Typepad suddenly. So since I, Dickens, the Prince of Everything, do have Blogger, I'm typing this for her. Which, lacking opposable thumbs, is really hard & shows you how devoted I am to my mommy.

Mommy says your little boy is handsome as ever & looks like he's grown taller. I told her it's just 'cause he's standing on that hill.

She said more things about what you wrote here, but my paws can't type all that - Sorry!

I have to go get a cookie now. Bye!

Robyn said...

I know that it is a necessary evil, but isn't it sad how everything has to be focused on an addition to the CV. I will be so glad when everything I do is just for fun ... not long now ... not long now.

natural attrill said...

What a handsome young man you have!

I know what you mean about the computer being addictive, I soend far too much time looking at blogs and chatting on groups.

Kids craft group sounds good.