Saturday, August 05, 2006

Stamps with history

I ventured into our dusty little stamp shop for the first time (it's amazing how these places stay open!) and found paper bags stuffed full of world stamps, many of them still attached to their envelope. I duly bought one and on closer inspection noticed that the little bits of addresses still visible were to 'The Bank Manager', Lloyds Bank, etc.etc. And one was dated as far back as 1943, the newest I could find was 1946. What a collection! Someone at this bank, the manager, or a secretary perhaps, had been taking these wonderful exotic stamps of envelopes for years and years and keeping them. I left at least six bags of these in the shop. I bought them to put into my artwork as am running low but I am reluctant to touch them now. Perfect candidates for my Whispers group though. If you have any treasures like this and would love to share come and join the group or blog about it and tell me about it in my comments!

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natural attrill said...

Wow !! all those stamps. Its funny how alot of things put together are often attractive in a different way than individually. I love buttons, and like to look at one individual vintage button, but give me a box of hundreds of buttons and i can sit for ages sifting through them all. With your stamps, the individual history is really interesting, but also the images you have posted of so many stamps together are really attractive in a different way.