Tuesday, August 15, 2006

More Whispers

Had to take a break from boring old computer code and get the paints out. This one is called Hidden. Find this and others for sale at Etsy. Oh and don't forget to join me at my whispers group!


Suzie Q said...

I adore your work, Karen! This piece is stunningly beautiful...
I'm stuck at the moment, not an artistic thought in my head, but hoping to join in on your whispers group soon.
Keep yours coming, they are such wonderful works of Art! Thanks for sharing them :)

natural attrill said...

This is very pretty. I like the way the word "Hidden" is reversed, top right. P.x

khya said...

Very nice, I like all the hidden layers, I also enjoyed looking at your black and white sketchs, you are good!
And now I'll go take a look at your whispers group!