Thursday, June 29, 2006

Inspire Me Thursday - My Studio

I'm busy preparing for my Children's art day demo this Saturday so my space is a bit of a mess! I think being a collage artist (or as my other half puts it, an excuse to be a hoarder) makes me naturally messy when it comes to working and I am also confined at the mo to a cupboard (above) , a corner in the bedroom where the plan chest lives ( top photo - my clean area where I make my books and cards and stuff where paint is not permitted) and what occasionally doubles as a dining room table where the messy stuff happens. Oh and of course there's the computer desk but that's too boring to qualify for a photo.

I've got a few collage projects for the kids to have a go at - here is a sneaky peek of one I'm trying out - it's going to be exciting seeing how they interpret them. I will be posting photos of the day here so watch this space!


carla said...

You look quite organized, actually! I have a tall storage unit with wire baskets that lives in my studio it I put all my art paper and any materials I might want to use for collage. The two collage baskets are a huge mess from shuffling through and looking for stuff. So I really admire your files and your neat piles! I just love your work has such a sense of calm and transcendence.

BeadArtandBubbles said...

Look at all that stuff!! I think I want it all!