Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Inspire Me Thursday - In good time

This weeks IMT was to produce a piece of art quickly and as I was already thinking of trying some smaller collages decided to have a go at a series of ATCs. I optimistically thought I would get 6 done in an hour but it ended up being closer to 2 hours, that's still 20 mins each - not bad! I didn't plan them in any way but a theme did emerge if you can spot it. (For sale on Etsy.)


jblack designs said...

Wonderful. I always love your work. Are these ATC size? When I first looked at them, I thought it was one collage; after I read your blog, I saw the 6 distinctions--but they do work together well!

Fast can be good!


Belinda said...

Veery beautiful!! Love the compositions. Cannot believe how fast you did them.

melba said...

I really like all your work. You have a great style. I think the stuff at your ETSY shop is very cool...great idea about the card packs!

Judy Scott said...

Beautiful work in a very short time, you have a fabulous style. Jx