Monday, May 15, 2006

This and That

I'm having a sort out day today. I've just about caught up with all my commissioned work and although I have a ton of self promotion stuff to do (baby designs, editorials, finish wedding website that is now a year behind, put prints on portfolio site, finish paintings blah blah blah) I thought I would give myself a day off to do all those little jobs I keep leaving until 'tomorrow'. So I have been sorting through clothes, you know, bag for the bin, bag for ebay/friends with children/boot sale, bag for charity shop. Then there's my jewellery which I never wear but ended up putting it all back as now I have a little girl I couldn't quite bear to part with it, remembering what it was like to discover my mum's jewellery box for the first time!

Next is all my 'junk' as my other half calls it. Or rather my tools of the trade. This weeks inspire me thursday project is journalling, which is something I would love to do but never have time for. Too busy collecting stuff to do anything with it! I did go through a spate of making books too which I have just found in one of the many boxes I've been through today. All empty. So now may be the time to fill one. I also came across this little book of floral papers (above) which might find their way onto a page of two, who knows!

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