Friday, May 19, 2006

New Blogs

You may (or not) have noticed I have 2 new blogs on the go. Whispers is for my more personal stuff that I don't always feel is appropriate on this one and will include some of my favourite poetry and my newly discovered love of journaling as well as the original paintings that started the whole thing off in the first place, if they ever get finished!

Turtle is for my 7 year old son who did this marvellous portrait (above) of his father. I've probably already gone on about how well he draws and how much he draws but the easter holidays gave me chance to spend time with him to show him how to observe things from life (a child's concept of perspective is different to ours) and hopefully help broaden and develop his talent as he gets older. And this weekend we had been watching the BBC programme about the Impressionists. I'd showed him the Monet books I have had since my college days and in the back of one he saw the cariactures and portraits that Monet isn't so famous for. Then came the idea of doing a portrait of his father. He found it understandably difficult at first, not least because dad is a fidget and a chatterbox (like father like son!?) but he got most upset at the fact that he had to draw him from an angle. 'I can't draw 3D!' he shouted. But when I told him to think of it as a 2D picture and look at his face as a series of lines and angles and shapes the penny dropped and he whipped this out in about 20 minutes! Bless.

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arvindh said...

Wow, your son is very talented! I see where it comes from!