Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Inspire Me Thursday & Illustration Friday

The waters see
The waters saw
So this is eternity

Jack Kerouac

This week's Inspire Me Thursday was to create a digital image. Stuck for a theme I decided to use Illustration Fridays theme 'Under the Sea' as a starting point. I have deviated a little as it ended up being over the sea rather than under, but the underwater image I started with was a bit too busy so had to pull it back a bit. And I've finally figured out how to use the layers tool properly - hadn't realised before just what you could do! And topped with the arrival of a dozen brand new acrylic and watercolour paint brushes from my other half (it was my birthday yesterday!) I am feeling very excited and inspired so expect lots of wonderful new work over the next few weeks.... (but don't hold your breath, just in case!)

Update - here's an underwater version, still busy but it works. Creates a different atmosphere to the one above. This one I suppose reflects how I feel about deep water, the ocean in particular. I feel the magical draw that the sea has but I fear it. Being underwater is claustrophobic and panicky and I miss the stillness and beauty I know is there too.


Sarah e.Smith said...

I love this image. The colors and layering are amazing. As always...another amazing piece :)

Kirsten said...

oh wow... this is so beautiful! I have no words...

great job :)

(of course i am very partial to blue!)