Friday, February 17, 2006

Illustration Friday - Song

This is the first painting in the Cadence series I started last year (there is another one here). As I've mentioned previously I have a love of pattern, also a love of colour and music and the definition of the word cadence describes this exactly-

Cadence -1. a fall in the pitch of the voice, esp. at the end of a phrase or sentence. 2. intonation, tonal inflection. 3. the close of a musical phrase. 4. rhythm; the measure or beat of sound or movement.

- so these paintings are my attempt to capture this, a visual song if you like.


Liz Jones said...

OOoh!!! Love it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, creative and artistic!

Twisselman said...

Great colors and patterns. Really like the backgrounds on this one and the other painting you've linked. Cool.